Managing Behavior Monthly Webinar Series

Insights to Behavior inspires K-12 professionals to promote a positive approach to behavior management. Through our Managing Behavior Monthly Webinar Series, you'll learn practical, research-based behavior management strategies that can easily be implemented in today's classrooms.

There is no cost for these one-hour sessions and all attendees will receive a certificate of attendance.

Managing Behavior Monthly Webinar Series | Insights to Behavior

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Wednesday, November 16th, 2022 at 1:30 PM CDT

ABA Intervention; Trauma Informed Care with Tara Cottrell, MS BCBA/LBA

As a Licensed Behavior Analyst my goal is to empower people with the tools to have a full, healthy, and happy life. Using research-based intervention methods from the behavioral sciences, we can achieve a positive impact within our communities.

This discussion will focus on steps we can take to provide Trauma-informed care, support, and accommodations to individuals with disabilities, including parent training, teacher, and caretaker training, as well as employee training considerations. We will identify vulnerable populations, and common treatments across disciplines, and discuss specific procedures that promote gentle approaches with respecting assent as well as procedures to avoid that may cause more harm.


Learn from the Behavior Expert

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Tara Cottrell, MS BCBA/LBA

Founder, Honeycutt Behavioral Services

Tara Cottrell is the founder of Honeycutt Behavioral Services. She passionately serves individuals and their communities in a wide range of settings including schools, clinics, companies, job sites, directly within the home and community, and more. Currently, she teaches at The Chicago School for Professional Psychology as adjunct faculty as well as running her business. She loves inspiring individuals to have a relationship focus while applying behavioral principles to improve the quality of work and care that we provide for the individuals we serve.





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