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Insights to Behavior presents

Jill Molli
Conscious Discipline Master Instructor 

Topic: "S/he Hit Me First" - Learning Proactive Solutions to Teach Social Emotional Skills
Through Daily Conflict

Take daily conflicts with children and between children (hitting, tattling, name-calling) and turn these moments into opportunities to teach missing social and emotional skills. Teachers and caregivers report encountering more and more children with lowered abilities to self-regulate, tolerate frustration, and interact well with others. The amount of aggression ending in retaliation and revenge in many programs and homes is on the rise, both in quantity and intensity. This workshop will explore the relationship between personal loss and aggression/violence/revenge in the classroom and home and offer proactive solutions for teachers and parents to start implementing immediately.


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Jill Molli, Conscious Discipline Master Instructor

Jill Molli has a B.A. in Elementary Education and a master’s degree in Counseling. She possesses the gift of delivering the important message of Dr. Becky Bailey’s Conscious Discipline with humor, which makes for a wonderful learning experience. Jill was selected as a Master Instructor because of her no-nonsense ability to get to
the heart of a situation and her commitment to living Conscious Discipline principles at school and at home.
Jill’s experience includes delivering state and national keynotes, teaching children with behavior disabilities, teaching elementary school and serving as a guidance counselor. Her background has proved invaluable in teaching schools and school districts how to implement Conscious Discipline. She has also taught hundreds of Conscious Discipline
parenting classes, with audiences including imprisoned mothers, “Soccer Dads,” and parents interested in learning more about how to parent their children. Jill is a contagious source of enthusiasm for and knowledge about Conscious Discipline.

Jill has worked as an elementary school educator, guidance counselor and behavioral specialist. She has worked with Conscious Discipline for over 15 years, first coaching individual teachers and now leading large-scale implementation at the school, district, state and national level.

Jill specializes in major keynotes, large scale implementation for Pre-K through Elementary, mental health & medical, prison staff and businesses.

Jill holds an MS in Counseling and a B.A. in Elementary Education from William Woods University.

Jill is a Conscious Discipline Master Instructor and national keynote speaker who has
facilitated hundreds of parenting classes.