Managing Behavior Monthly Webinar Series

Insights to Behavior inspires K-12 professionals to promote a positive approach to behavior management. Through our Managing Behavior Monthly Webinar Series, you'll learn practical, research-based behavior management strategies that can easily be implemented in today's classrooms.

There is no cost for these one-hour sessions and all attendees will receive a certificate of attendance.

Managing Behavior Monthly Webinar Series | Insights to Behavior

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Simple, Effective, Body-Centered Tools for Regulating Yourself and Your Students

In this interactive webinar, you will experience Somatic Tools for slowing down, speeding up, and letting go, for you and your students. Learn when and how to regulate students and yourself with these effective tools..

Learn from the Behavior Expert

Kelli Underwood

Kelli Underwood, LCSW

Kelli has been a trauma therapist, dynamic speaker, and effective consultant for over twenty years. Kelli trains and consults with school districts, counselors, agencies, and residential facilities. through her business, To Be Aligned.

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About Insights to Behavior

Create Legally-Defensible Behavior Intervention Plans In Under An Hour.

Insights to Behavior empowers K-12 professionals with an unprecedented suite of tools to create, update, track, and report on Behavior Intervention Plans—whether it’s implemented in a single school or district-wide. You can now track, manage, and modify K-12 Student behaviors better than ever.

  • Research-based strategies at your fingertips.
  • Behavior management best practices.
  • Fewer meetings and faster workflow.
  • Better equip your teachers with skills training. 
  • Continual improvement made simple.
"Insights to Behavior helps our teachers easily find replacement behaviors and then gives them options for researched-based strategies that they can choose from. That’s a really good feature because it saves teachers time." Jill Lackey, Instructional Specialist for Special Education and 504 at Talladega County Schools